Saturday, August 31, 2019

Pack-a-Paw Rescue Harness Review

Alright all you over-prepared folks, here's another sweet piece of gear for you! Except this time, it's one that the company hopes you never have to use: the Pack-a-Paw Rescue Harness by Mountain DogWare.

I'd been eyeing this piece for awhile and after a short carry of less than a football field and reading Outside magazine's story of a dog left on a mountain (while at work... and crying), I finally ordered one.  They offer it in black and orange; naturally I went for the traffic cone orange. 

While I was happy with my color choice, I didn't gauge the sizing correctly* and Mountain DogWare quickly hooked me up with a Large.  I love that they're a local company and I had the new one within a couple days.

To get straight to my point: I'm really happy that we have this in the bottom of the pack and highly recommend it.  As designed, it's small and light (8 oz) so it is a no brainer to always have with us, even on the smallest of nature walks (where I have used it... true story).  Light as it is, it's durable and has sustained the typical beatings Ty and I are known to dish out.

Forced hugs at their finest! 
We practice regularly, both to be prepared and because I get a little
chuckle at the dogs' expense.  The harness fits them well but it's designed as a functional piece, not a cushy ride, something they're not in love with to begin with.  Practice has gotten all of us comfortable with lifts from various positions; I've learned the most efficient and comfortable way to package them up, including when they're lying on the ground; how to lift them front and back-facing; and for their part, they've learned the routine.  

Packaged up without him having to move a muscle. The harness
can be used to assist a dog into a standing position as well.
Erring on the side of caution, I decided to use it when Ty was tripped off of a log and fell down a few feet.  She was ambulatory but in pain, certainly not an emergency but a great usage of the rescue harness to ensure she didn't further injure herself on the walk home.  Last month, Tango was hiking  around the summit of Mt Washington with us when his energy level went from normal to super tired very quickly.  He has a hip assist harness that did the trick (along with a ton of treats) but it made me feel secure knowing that if anything from the weather to his stamina deteriorated, I could pack him up and high tail it to the car.

Less than professional models right here! 
Whether you hike, skijore, climb, or hunt with your pup, the Pack-a-Paw is well worth a look.  

There's a smile!

*A little unofficial sizing info:
Med/Large: 30-60 lb
Large/Extra Large: 60-140 lb
A-B (width around ribs): 24"
C-D (back of thigh opening to front of front leg opening): 29"
E-F (belly length): 15"