About Us - retired bio

Welcome to our blog!  Here I bring you stories from our pack, which is comprised of myself (lead activity planner), Ty (Heathen Dingo of the North), Tango (the “old soul”), and Erick (supportive husband).  Paws on Peaks is all about experiencing nature with dogs.  We love to hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, relish our weekend romps around town near our home on New Hampshire's Seacoast, and dabble in many things "dog."  We’ll be sharing our adventures here, hopefully to the benefit of fellow adventurous dog owners. 

Ty is my little peakbagger and Tango is a relaxed front porch greeter so my job as mamma has been to find adventures that satisfy them both.  My hope is that these experiences are helpful to others.  Nature is astounding and overwhelmingly beautiful to me and incomparable to any other experience when I’m with my dogs.  For new relationships, older dogs, etc., sometimes getting off the asphalt path can be intimidating but with the right research, gear, and fitting the activity to the hikers' abilities and interests, everyone is capable of embracing the outdoors.

Because I firmly believe in the experience-enhancing powers of the right gear, you’ll find a bit about packs, multi-function leashes, travel dog beds, etc. here too. 

If you’re looking for feedback on possible places to explore or gear to purchase, are hoping to experience the mountains vicariously through us, or are just beginning to go adventuring and find the words of others helpful, TybTangs and I just may be able to help!  Thanks for reading this far and happy trails! 

2019 Update:

I took a massive hiatus after my posts dwindled to a few a year in 2017.  We were just as active in the mountains but I struggled to manage my time well enough to get to share about our excursions.

My goal this time around is twofold.  First, to continue to share trip reports so that fellow hikers can have an idea of what to expect and if it's the right trip for them/their dogs as well as more reviews.

We had a great run reviewing gear and writing a couple of lifestyle blogs for Backcountry K-9. The owner, Jason, is off to new and exciting adventures and closed the site at the end of this spring.  Because I enjoyed writing those pieces and have spent an exhaustive amount of time honing in on quality gear and practices, I feel it's time to share some of those insights, hence my second focus for Paws on Peaks 2.0.  Who knows, I might save someone three years of using the same "meh" product that took me twice as long to find an alternative to!

I'd like to note that reviews will be entirely my own opinion, I'll offer additional resources when applicable, and we are sponsored in two very important aspects:

MuttRuk Crew - we were one of the first, proud owners of a Phoenix 14 pack - "hiking packs for us with dogs."  Sponsored or not, I love this pack and it's been as loyal to me as Tango has... although it holds the treats vs eating them!

Kurgo Running Team - I've always been a fan of Kurgo's travel products and love that they're locally headquartered.  Since 2018, Ty and I have been on their regional running team and travel around (mostly) Northern New England for events.  It's a shame I haven't reviewed any of their products yet because my car and camping box are chock full of them!


  1. Hi. I just found your website and love it. Any chance you have suggestions on beginner backpacking routes to take with dogs?

    1. Hi Keeley! I am so, so sorry I never replied. I learned far too late that I don't receive comment notifications. I hope you and your pup have had some great adventures by now! What region do you camp in?

  2. I also just found your website, way better than some of the books out there on dog hikes. Any suggestions on how to implement trail manners? I have a 15 month nervous labradoodle who absolutely loves to be outside in the woods but gets over stimulated fast when seeing people!

    1. Hi Runklep! I am so, so sorry I never replied. I learned far too late that I don't receive comment notifications. Thank you very much for your kind words, I'm thrilled you find my posts helpful! I hope you've been able to make some headway with your pup's overstimulation. There are so many trails out there that they can become part of your socialization routine!