Wednesday, January 6, 2021

To my noblest goober

        I  won't say goodbye because I still feel you beside me.  I won't hang up your collar because we have so many more places to go.  And I still won't sign cards without your name alongside Ty's. But what I can do is say 'thank you' from the bottom of my heart and beyond, to you and to our family & friends for supporting us through your passage to the next world.

I'm learning that I can grieve and grow at the same time, that peace and pain are not mutually exclusive.  And I've learned, with piercing clarity, how truly fortunate we are.  Tango was the best, most intrinsically good dog we'll ever share our lives with and I think it's going to feel like he's still with us in some way for quite awhile, hopefully. 

    Since his passing, we've been beautifully overwhelmed by the ways our family & friends have found to celebrate Tango and how much love and support we've been shown.  I truly have no words <3