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Welcome to Paws on Peaks! We're trail-obsessed two and four leggers wanting to chronicle some of our explorations of the New Hampshire area of this beautiful country.  We = me, Krista, grad student & sucker for pointy eared blonde chicks; Tybee (Ty), the OG blonde chick; Arya, the young crazy blondie; and Erick - usually holding down the fort (:

The quick and dirty is we love to get on the trail (or off... according to the girls).  Ty and I started hiking with our departed partner, Tango, about 10 years ago and it's become our lifestyle.  A few years ago, I started writing trip reports as Paws on Peaks but I wasn't the best at keeping up.  Ty is now 12.5 and just as excited about hiking as ever but has some minor, not unexpected, health limitations.  She's also extremely prey driven (Bambi beware).  Arya is our newest pack member - another Carolina Dog mix - 18 months old, super gung-ho, recently diagnosed with elbow dysplasia and a malformed femur, and currently working through moderate leash reactivity.  *Big breath* So for me, this means a fair amount of management to get us out on the trails safely and responsibly because we all need and love our trail time so we do the best we can, with what we have, where we are [insert admission of obsession with Teddy Roosevelt here]. 

So why am I here representing us on the interwebz?  I tend to do a lot of scouring for obscure information about trails, creative training tips, success stories, and more - usually when I should be doing homework or otherwise adulting.  Hopefully I can be that helpful source for others and, icing on the cake, I have a means of tracking the evolution of our adventures.  Our name isn't as accurate as it once was but pays tribute to the ten years spent as an adventuring trio with Tango.  These days, you'll see more about lower elevation hikes & nature walks and some smaller peaks, as well as the ocassional gear review.  Sometimes I post to our new IG, heathen_dingos_of_the_north, for s&g's.  Truth be told, I love making new posts but am also a chronic procrastinator with excuses galore to put off writing - to the point this site has gone dormant several times.  But third time's the charm, there's no time like the present, and all that good stuff!  Thanks for reading and let us know what sorts of content you'd like to read about!

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