Hikes by Difficulty

Osceola's "chimney"
Using strictly my own, subjective opinion and observations of how the dogs did, here are my posts categorized by difficulty to one another.  Distance and terrain/grade were the main considerations.  For example, some hikes were easy but long so they may have found themselves in a "moderate" category. Other factors like views, fun factor, etc. you'll find reflections on in the posts themselves.  You may find it helpful to read the "About Us" tab and/or the paw friendliness comments I include at the end of each post.

(with an assumed baseline of some hiking experience with elevation gain and varied terrain)
(Under 7 miles, no technical sections)
Zealand Falls and Hut
Mount Pierce
Mount Crawford
Kearsarge North
Mt Willard
Pleasant Mountain (via Bald Peak Trail)
Bald Mountain and Artist Bluff

"Easier Side of Moderate"
(Under 10 miles, moderate grades)
Zealand Notch
Mount Tecumseh
Mount Eisenhower and Mount Pierce Traverse
Mount Pierce and Mount Eisenhower (in and out via Crawford Path)
Edmands Path, Crawford Path Loop (with Clinton Road)

"More difficult side of Moderate"
(Around 10 miles, steeper grade than previous categories)
Mount Hale-Zealand Falls Loop
Carter Dome
Mount Garfield
Glen Boulder

(Over 10 miles and/or technical sections)
Mount Jefferson via Caps Ridge
Presi Traverse
Mount Washington via Jewell-Ammo loop (categorized as strenuous for the rough talus)
Mount Washington via Tuckerman Ravine
Owl's Head

Winter Hikes
(Winter or winter-like conditions, all appx. 6 miles and generally easy - moderate)
Arethusa Falls & Tuckerman's Ravine (bowl)
Mount Pierce (packed snow)
Mount Pierce (spring ice)
Imp Face
Mount Crawford
Pierce and Eisenhower
Tuckerman Ravine/Lunch Rocks (2016)
Greenleaf Trail (almost to the hut)


  1. hello friend, this is the first time i visit pawsonpeaks.com. And i love it. Hope i'll "write for us" at here. Thank you

    1. Thank you Rowland! Let me know if you have any questions about the White Mountains!