Sunday, June 21, 2015

Gear Review: Hurtta Active Harness

They say that people should have one article of clothing that is their “go-to.”  It is versatile, always stylish, and works in a variety of situations.  I’m calling our Hurtta Active Harness the dogs’ “go-to” piece. 

Backcountry K-9 sent us a cherry red harness in the early spring and both dogs have been wearing it from the trails to the pavement ever since.  It’s soft yet tough padding hasn’t shown any wear in the few months we’ve had it and it has provided safety and comfort to the dogs.  I’ve been really happy with the harness’s “best of both worlds” functionality; it has enough features to be a hiking harness but is simple enough for every day and other creative uses.
As the snow melted to mud and finally dry dirt, Tango sported the Active Harness on the trail regularly.  The handle was really easy for me to grab him on short notice, such as to move him to the side of a trail narrowed by deep snow for another hiker to pass.  The material is super durable and withstood plenty of sideswiping trees and rolling on rough surfaces.  As the days warmed, Tango seemed genuinely pleased with the harness’s low profile.  It does not cover as much of his back as his other hiking harness, which meant less trapped heat.  Warmer weather also meant the critters my two are famous for chasing were coming out in droves and the harness provided visibility when he’d shoot into the thick woods.  I’d say we’re both pleased with the Active Harness!

While Tango got to strut his stuff in the woods, Ty made good use of the harness for jogging.  Jogging as a concerted effort was new to us this spring and we got to do two races together before I pulled the plug for the summer.  I prefer she wear a harness for safety when jogging and the Hurtta one is perfect.  The handle was great for hanging on to her at the busy start lines; getting her revved up then releasing her added to the excitement!  The chest padding was perfect for our jogs.  I can see how it would be good as a car harness as well, although we didn’t try it ourselves.  When she did plunk down in the car, it was easy to take it off without making her get up again with the side clips.  (Also helpful for foster dogs who are becoming accustomed to handling.)  Ty moved freely and comfortably for our 5K’s and practice runs.  I have to say, she also looked pretty darn good!

So – a harness that fits a wide range of dogs equally well; comfort, quality, and durability; and its readiness to be used in a ton of different situations – can’t go wrong!

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